Friday, March 29, 2013

Post Male Stupidity…that is really what PMS stands for!

OK ladies out in blogger land…this blog is totally meant for all of you…sorry guys…this blog (yet again) will not be in your favor so you will have to (as usual) suck it up!  So any hoo…the other day my other half and I were having another one of our long winded "discussions" and according to him I was being totally mean and irrational.  Well…more mean and irrational than usual and do you know what he had the nerve to ask me?  Ah yeah…OK ladies…now is the time to make sure that you are seated and not near any breakable objects because this blog is about to get pretty heated and irritating!  So…he had the nerve to ask me if I was PMS'ing!? I was like "WHAT?"  Oh no he didn't just ask me if I had a visit from the lady fairy!  So I proceeded to ask him very slowly if he could repeat what he just said…now i have to tell you that if he was a smart man, my body language alone would be enough to scare a mugger in NY but that combined with my deadly Medusa stare should have warned him to retract his statement or think of something pretty witty as a cover up story.  BUT NOOOOOOOO…that dumb ass was like "I was just wondering if it was nearing that time of the month?" and he said this with a stupid "doe in the head lights" look on his face!  I was  near nuclear by that point…Chernobyl had nothing on me I was so heated!  I wanted to show him what PMS was all about with my fists and shove his dumb ass out the door!  Once I could unclench my fists and form a coherent statement I proceeded to tell him that NO I was not "riding the crimson wave" but that YES he was being an ignorant ass by even asking the question!  He was totally clueless over the whole thing and could not understand why I was making such a big deal out of his little question!  Again…totally floored by his stupidity!  I had to tell him that by no way shape or form was he going to EVER get out of the dog house by asking me if I was having a lady moment…like EVER…so my suggestion to him was to NEVER bring it up again or fear the wrath of me experiencing PMS every time he wanted to get "friendly"!  That totally opened his eyes and shut his ass up…well at least for that argument or I wouldn't have this blog right?!  HA!  Again…men are so easy to manipulate…It is almost too easy…  :)

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