Saturday, March 9, 2013

4 Non Blondes

OK Blogger community...I have been ignoring you but I ensure you that I am back to my blogging best...well you guys can decide after this post if I have brought my "A" game!  :)  Any hoo so it's yet another year and I have added another flaming candle on my birthday cake that is just a crappy ass reminder that I am a couple of candles short of a complete and total bon fire!  I am hoping when the bon fire occurs that the firemen who come to my rescue are hot...I am just sayin'...I have seen those firemen calendars and those dudes are total hot cakes! I may be old but my eyesight is not shot...those hotties can rescue me anytime!  OK...need to stop thinking about young hot guys and let me get back on track here... so I was at the hair salon getting my hair done, and as usual I ask my stylist if she has seen any pesky greys that need attention.  Usually she tells me no BUT this time she tells me that they have invaded!  I was like really?  Holy Shit?!  What do I do?  I tell you what I did, I had her rip all those babies out and I know what you all in blogger land are thinking...they are going to grow back like 10 fold but I am seriously hoping that theory is some crazy myth and that they won't come back at all.  Like Ever!  To say that I was horrified was an understatement...I went straight to shopping for hats online like some escapee from crazy town.  Oh mind was reeling with ways to figure out how I was going to handle those pesky irritants from ruining my life.  I know it seems pretty silly to think about a couple of greys...but what you all don't know in blogger land is that my hair is like midnight black, so these greys are going to glow like an old ass beacon.  Yeah...those grey's have to like the uber control freak that I am, I had my stylist lighten up the locks and add some blonde in there to disguise any further grey guests that come to visit.  I hate visitors to begin with and these visitors are worse then your family invading your house un-announced...these visitors I want to beat with a bat and send them back to wherever dead grey hair goes to die. Yeah to say that I am freaking out is an understatement...those non blonde's have to now and have the common sense to never come back or face the wrath of my tweezers!  Sheesh...this getting old crap is a lot of work...I mean seriously who knew getting old was going to require this much thought and work...obviously Clairol did...those guys are geniuses!  :)

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