Monday, August 5, 2013

Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday-Ending The Decades With Lucky 13!

So fellow bloggers, the time has come for all of us Twisted Mix Tape Blogsters to say  "Goodbye" to the decades that this glorious blog hop @ has brought to our musical inspired blogging fingertips.  I have to admit that I was pretty sad to see the decades end, and feeling a little bit of writers block I had to, yet again,  turn to my trusty iTunes library to get me inspired to write this I really don't have a theme for this post...these are just my top 5 songs that I chose to share with all of you...that I just really LOVE...that I listen to ALL THE TIME!  So having said all that...let's just get this party started already! 

Halo-Beyonce'-So I have to admit that I am NOT a huge Beyoncé fan but for whatever reason this song just makes me belt out the chorus line that would rival one of the best drunken karaoke singers of ALL time!!!

Someone Like You-Adele-This song just makes me think of that one love that got away...when I first heard this song I seriously got on iTunes and downloaded it RIGHT AWAY!  No lie...I scared the crap out of the dog as I completed this Olympic leaping feat...there really should be an event for the fastest iTunes downloader...I would totally dominate that event!  HAHAHAHAHAAA!
Now-Paramore-For whatever reason when I hear those drum sticks beat together at the beginning of this song, I feel my vocal cords getting ready for some serious Rockin' out!  Holy Crap that chick can belt out a tune!

Collide-Howie Day-All I can say is BEST SONG EVER to sing with your girlfriends!  If you have not done this you all really is CRAZY fun! :)

Seven Devils-Florence + The Machine-So I first heard this song as the closer to the cliff hanger on Revenge and I was HOOKED!  I LOVE Florence + The Machine but this song is hauntingly good...seriously gives me shivers every time I listen to it! 

Bonus Pick:  Cups-Anna I am one of those people who watched Pitch Perfect and could not get enough of the music in that movie!  I love the OG rendition of this song and HAD to put it up here to end this glorious Blog HOP!  You all can thank me Later!

So there you have it people! I have wandered through the decades with all of you and I am sad to see this end but I would be lying if I am not looking forward to whatever else Jen has to throw our way!  Knowing Jen whatever it is it will be FANTASTIC!  Can't Wait!

What am I listening to as I pen this bloggary:  Pokerface, by Lady GaGa