Monday, March 18, 2013

What The Flock?

OK people out in blogger's post is not something annoying or stupid that my other half does.'s rant is about of course getting old and how I want to cryogenically freeze myself or become a vampire to not age another day!  It is horrific!  So let me tell you all what happened today...we were sitting in my friends car talking about music when the song "I Ran" came on the radio by Flock of Seagulls.  I, like the 80's freak that I am, starting screaming like a groupie at at a One Direction concert to turn that song up! Yes...I am old...but do know who One Direction is Sheesh!  Any all of my 30 something friends in the car were like "who the hell is this?"  I almost fell out of my luxurious leather seat...the horror of it all...they had NO clue who Flock of Seagulls were?!  So as I animatedly tried to explain to them who they were... like down to the whole swirly hair thing they were like "yeah...still have NO clue!"  I had to bring up Google on my iPhone to show them who they were and they were STILL like yeah still no clue.  So then I started to quiz them on their 80 band trivia as to see who they did was really funny because they only group/people that they knew were U2 (well Bono), and Boy George!  I was floored and they barely got the Boy George Culture Club connection I had to play mock charades with them just to get that right! You know sounds like, two words, point to my guy friend that looks like a girl, etc., etc. Holy crap it was rough!  Seriously?  I felt like my Grandma at a techno club that is how old I felt... well let me take that back...that is how old they made me feel!  I was floored...again... WHO THE HELL does not know who the Flock of Seagulls are?  If you are out in blogger land and you don't know who they are...well then you really should look it up on Google...if anything that swirly hair thing that they have going on is totally worth the effort!  Trust me...totally worth it! 

What am I listening to as I Blog this:  In a Big Country, by Big Country (another classic that is worth looking up!)

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