Friday, April 20, 2012

50 Shades of Crimson....

Holy Crap! It has been a long time since my last post...I could blame the long writers gap on my Birthday, more colds, or just plain laziness, but the real reason is....I have been a lot. My poor little Kindle is on FIRE from the hours of usage...I feel kind of like a Kindle abuser (sigh)...well not really, but the poor little thing has logged in a lot of hours of use within the last 60 days. I don't know what has come over me...I think it all started with the need to real all 3...yes all 3 Hunger Games books. Can I tell you that they were fabulous? I am really not the type of person that reads that type of fiction, but I have to say that I was like on pins and needles reading every single page as I held my breath and eagerly paged forward to see what was going to happen next. I was so enthralled with the books, that I could not make myself go see the movie as I was afraid that it would disappoint; I hate to be disappointed. :) Once I finished with those books, I downloaded some Kindle Freebies just to have something that my little Kindle could do...anyhoo so let's just fast forward to the last three weeks. It all started with an article in Entertainment Weekly talking about the phenom with the trilogy of 50 Shades of Grey. I have to tell you all in blogger land...I had NO idea that this type of fiction existed. Being the follower that I am, I had to see what the hype was all about soooooo I downloaded the book. Yikes! I was hooked at like page 10...what girl/woman would not be hooked? Seriously? Christian Grey is like every girls dream guy and the story line...WHEESH! I was like turning every shade of crimson just reading the was not like anything that I had ever read before, and the love scenes, WOW...let the heart palpitations begin. I was so intrigued by the twisted storyline, that of course, I had to down load book 2 and 3, so that I knew how the story ended. To say that the storyline (romantic BDSM) was intriguing would be totally underselling the novel...did I think that Christian Grey was a dreamy, sadistic, control freak? Why yes...I certainly did...but that was the beauty of the story...the not so beauty got to tame the beautiful beast, and we as readers get to reap the benefits of reading about their sadistic love story. Well now that I have finished the last book, my blogging neglect should come to an end...well until I find another steamy novel to catch my fancy. To be quite honest with you all, I don't think that my Kindle could take another Trilogy like 50 Shades...I know that it is going to take some time for me to come back to reality...hmmm....well I can still dream right? ;)

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