Wednesday, May 8, 2013

You Seriously Do Not Know Who Scott Baio IS? UGH! I’m So ANCIENT!

Soooooo….here is yet another example, for all of you out in the blogosphere, of how much of an ancient relic I am, in comparison to my younger co-workers…yeah I know…I should find some much older friends to make me feel better right?!  Sheesh! So here’s what happened…I was having a casual conversation with some of my much younger colleagues about how my daughter is obsessed with SpongeBob Squarepants and how I absolutely think that a nasty little yellow smart ass kitchen sponge wearing square BVD’s as pants is so NOT entertaining but whatever…she thinks that he’s hilarious so who am I to judge right? Hoping that maybe when she gets older SpongeBob will help me entice her to clean our nasty kitchen! HA!  So any hoo…let me continue here…I told them that after this sadistic show was over I was floored to find that Scott Baio had a new show called See Dad Run and to be quite honest, he still looks alright for an old dude…I clearly cannot throw stones at his glass house right? I am one stone away from that glass Louvre Pyramid thingy in Paris coming down around me like a bunch of Dominoes!  Sheesh! So anyway…my colleagues were like who in hell is Scott Baio?  I was like WHAT?  You know that guy from Happy Days…he played Chachi Arcola and he loved Joanie…yeah…it was like Cricketville!  WTF?  So then I was like you guys know Happy Days right?  They were like…hmmmmm….sounds familiar…I was like HOLY SHIT NO WAY!!! OK…so I had to AGAIN bring up YouTube on my cell to show them a clip of Happy Days and explain to them the whole thing…it was absolutely RIDICULOUS!!!!  Totally figured out why when we had an arguments in meetings and when I told them that they needed to “Fonzy Out” they got all confused and gave me the doe in the headlights look!  I.AM.AN.OLD. ASS.IDIOT!  WTF right?  Who in the hell does not know who Arthur Fonzarelli A.K.A the Fonz is?  So anyway, on YouTube they also have these clips of Joanie loves Chachi, and I found myself sharing with them a little TMI story about my mother’s fascination with Joanie loves Chachi that I will now share with all of you in the lovely blogosphere!  LUCKY YOU...never knew that you all in blogger land could win the TMI lottery right?!  HA!  So anyway here you go…when I was younger and that TV show would come on…my mother used to giggle and laugh to the point where she would have to leave the room.  I used to always ask her what was so funny but she would just avoid the question and proceed to giggle on out of the room.  So, when I was probably in my twenties (that was when I was young and gravity was not my enemy!), my mom and I were watching some late night TV when that show, Joanie Loves Chachi, comes on and then again, like clockwork, she starts to laugh again…so I was like…what is the deal with this show?  And then after much coercing, because by this point she was beyond hysterical with laughter, she finally says “…in Korean Chachi means penis…so you see…”more sputtering with laughter here and then she blurts out “…Joanie loves her Chachi!” She then proceeds to laugh so loud that the hyenas in the Out of Africa zoo exhibit are seriously having some severe laugh fest envy!  Holy Shit! Again…I have no idea what to do here! The fact that MY MOTHER is talking about  Joanie loving the “one eyed monster” has me running after a Budweiser Truck like a crazy person that clearly needs an alcoholic escape from TMItown!  OMG!!!!!!!!  She was laughing so hard that her face had turned a weird purple color (probably from the lack of oxygen she was laughing so hard!) and I’m totally too afraid to ask if her Depends were still intact because she was laughing so hard that those babies were clearly busting at the seams because she has obviously PEE’D her pants!  I soooooo want to use that whole Men In Blank memory blanking stick thingy to erase the fact that MY MOTHER is hysterically laughing over Joanie getting her a piece of some Chachi! OH.MY.GOD!  After she calmed down a little, we proceeded to watch the episode, but every now and again she would sniff a little and laugh her ass off all over again! Sheesh!  All I can say is that I cannot watch that show now without having a little giggle fest of my own!  Again…I clearly need a good therapist to get over this whole TMI male body part share fest with my MOTHER! GAH! So there you go blogosphere…that was my little TMI gift to all of you!  Now you all in blogger land can stay up late and watch Joanie getting her Chachi on and just think…all of you can thank my mother for explaining it all to you via this bloggary!  BUAHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!  I don’t know if ANYONE out in the blogosphere has had anything remotely close to this experience happen to them but if you have, please comment and share…if not my little Korean mother is available to explain the birds and the bees to anyone who will listen!  HAHAHAHA!!!!

What am I listening to as I rant in this bloggary:  Sledgehammer, by Peter Gabriel.



  1. That was a great blog! Funny as. You are not old just those young whipper snappers are so uneducated.
    I already like your mum sounds funny. It's great to have Little jokes over your kids heads lol.

    1. I know right? The kicker of it all is this TMI moment was caused because It was driving me nuts not knowing what the deal was with that that I know...I am thinking that I should have NEVER asked! Sheesh! TMI!,,,

  2. I am so glad I read your post, always, always makes me laugh...a lot! Of course, it's because I can totally relate, as I was an 80's teenager myself. Ugh! I think you hit on a really great point in your first few sentences...GET OLDER FRIENDS! Great idea ~ I am totally doing this! I do already have a bunch and when everyone but me whips out their reading glasses at book club, it is an awesome feeling! I'm going to start carding people before I decide to hang with them.

  3. Totally reccomend getting older friends...your idea of carding them is GENIUS!