Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Fifty Shades of Grey, The Chainsmokers, and Taylor Swift- A Musical Montage for Welcoming In the New Year! You are SO WELCOME!

OK party Bloggers…I could not let this year go by without spreading a little bit of my music loving insanity your way! I know….I know a lot of you all are probably getting your “drink on” while trying to figure out what to wear, to eventually attract that someone that you would “like to wear” ( not in a Hannibal Lecter, way either…Shit that movie was so DISTURBING!!! YIKES!  What I am thinking is more like a hunky Christian Grey type of way) so I thought that I would help you out with some songs that will help you get your GROOVE ON!  So here you go… some songs to hopefully get you in the New Year’s Party mood!  You all can seriously THANK ME LATER!

So speaking of Fifty Shades, I was fumbling through iTunes today and came across this song by the Weekend: 


So HOLY seduction on a stick fellow bloggers…let me tell you this, if I were trying to get someone in the mood for a New Year’s Eve kiss which would lead to a session of a whole lotta “hot, heavy, and sweaty” you seriously need to PLAY THIS SONG!  Seriously panting here…SO HOT! 

What is a New Year’s Eve without a butt load of Selfie’s right?  This song just sez it all…hopefully some of you will take some seriously funny Selfie’s and post them here on this Glorious Blog! What is the point of Selfie’s if you cannot share right? Whoever invented the SELFIE is a GENIUS…definitely not a humble bastard though you would have to admit is one smart motha’!


I cannot tell a lie…I am seriously digging on Taylor Swift’s 1989 album and this song, Wildest Dream, is what all of you need to think about if this evening winds up breaking up a relationship instead of solidifying one.  I know from personal experience that break ups SUCK some serious monkey balls (don’t quite understand that saying, but feel that it is appropriate for getting your heart ripped out of your chest right?), but this song pretty much says what you are really thinking about after all of the nasty, hurtful words are out, and you are sitting on your couch in your Bridget Jones pajama’s drinking Mezcal Tequila straight from the bottle, wondering why that alcohol soaked worm, has NOTHING to say to make you feel better AT ALL….well until you eat the little bastard right?  Then you feel NO PAIN…not that I know this from personal experience or anything like that at all  but  any hoo this song basically sums up all of those feelings in a nutshell…I couldn’t find a video for the song but you can listen to it on iTunes on the link below : 

So there you have it!  I am hoping that this list of songs gets you in the mood to go out and say GOODBYE to all the shitty memories, fiercely  remember all of the wonderful ones, and welcome in all of the new 2015 memories that are to come…Have A Safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR fellow bloggers….I will be blogging with you in 2015!

What am I listening to as I pen this Blog atrocity? 

Welcome to New York, by Taylor Swift

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