Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fashion Flashback Friday-Celebrity Inspired Looks for the 80’s

OK people out in the blogosphere…it’s not hard to understand that I am a total 80’s freak!  So what would a Fashion Flashback Friday post be without…why yes…a post about 80’s fashion!  Duh right?  So I am NOT going to keep all of you waiting in anticipation for all of the glorious looks to come…so let’s get this crazy costume party started!  Here we go…the top five Celebrity inspired looks of the 80’s:


Madonna-OK so EVERY girl in the 80’s had something fashion oriented that was Madonna inspired!  I personally was a huge fan of the lace glove thing with the layering of bracelets that looked some sadistic Mad Max inspired sleeve thingies  that seriously could have been used as weapons!  Sheesh…this is just a lot of layering and ZEBRA going on in this look!   

Molly Ringwald-16 Candles-So I am a HUGE 16 Candles fan and I have to admit that I tried to sport this look and FAILED miserably!  There are a small subset of human beings that can pull off this look…sadly I was NOT one of them!  I think that it was the hat…yeah…I am going to blame it on THAT HAT! YIKES! So UGLY!

Michael Jackson-The Zipper Look-Holy Crap!  This is a crazy amount of zippers…on of all things LEATHER! I always wondered what he possibly wanted to keep from falling out that inspired him to need so many zippers…maybe he was channeling Napoleon Dynamite and just wanted to keep his Tater Tots Safe!  HAHAHAAHAAAA!

Tom Cruise-The Preppy Look-I have to admit…Tom Cruise could totally pull off this Preppy buttoned up Oxford Shirt look!  Apparently this look is way hotter if you don’t wear pants…I’m just sayin’…

Boy George—The Dude Looks Like A Lady Look-I have to admit…this dude is the prettiest boy that I have ever seen!  I often wondered how long it took him to get ready in the morning…I know that if I had to pull off this look it might take me FOREVER!  Wow…I am at a loss for words for how pretty he looks…yeah…I just said a boy looked pretty…only in the 80’s right? 

Bonus Pick: The Cast of Saved By The Bell-There is a crap load of acid washing going on in this look…this pic makes me want to dust off my puffy sleeved dress and put a big ol’ bow on my head!  Yikes…look at all of the fashion disasters going on in this pic…wow...these flashbacks are scaring the HELL out of me!   


Well there you go blogosphere…the top five celebrity inspired fashion faux pas of the 80’s!  Is it just me that wants to don a pair of fluffy socks and dance around my kitchen "Tom Cruise” style? Yummm….Risky Business…that was a whole lotta Tom Cruise (before the whole dancing on the couch TomKat whackadoodle thing he had going on) hotness right there…I just want to be his shirt…I just want to be his shirt!  HAHAHAHHAAAAAAA!


What am I listening to as I pen this bloggary:  In The Air Tonight, by Phil Collins





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  1. Are you insane? I would wear any of that. I love highwaisted pants, and that dress ise gorgeous in Saved by the bell. There is nothing I wouldn't wear in those pictures except the Madonna one. Look at the stores and what they are selling and you will see the same things.