Friday, January 20, 2012

It's a New Year...Yay?!

Getting back into the swing of things... is a new year and normally with a new year comes the all dreaded New Year's resolution. Every year, I vow to make some crazy commitment to myself that I will either try to complete something or do something that I have been avoiding doing for years. It seems like every year, I try to commit myself to doing whatever crazy resolution I have decided to torture myself with. This year, like every year, I promise myself to try to lead a healthier life, get back to my old crazy treadmill (getting a new one for Christmas helped give that resolution a kick in the ass), and to also try to get back to writing. Writing and I have had a real love hate relationship, some days all I can do is write, but then there are some days, that lead to years where the thought of putting thoughts to paper just depresses me...some people call it writer's block but I feel that it is much more than that. I feel like my relationship with writing is like any relationship: there are the fabulous times where the obsession starts...writing is all that I can think is in my very blood that courses through my body. It is in everything I see and do...I am pen to paper even at night when I am dreaming. I am drowning in it. Then like any good relationship, the obsession starts to fade, and as the writing fever starts to diminish, I become drawn to something else that seems to leave my writing on the back burner. As with any fading crush, the deep desire is still lingering back in the recesses; it just needs a trigger to bring it back to light. That trigger for me was yet again, the infamous "New Years Resolution" I vow to try to update this blog when the feeling arises. I can't make any promises that the spelling and grammar will be correct, or that I will consistently blog a thought on every Wed. of every week, but when the feeling arises, I will BLOG! Felt a little bit like Mel Gibson in Braveheart there...well when Mel was not a raving racist beating lunatic...this is a good start ( a little late) but a start never the less to a good blogging year! May the blogging begin!

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